7 Step, we're here to help you

Opportunity plan

Joining :

    Joining Package Rs.100/- only.

Leadership Income

    You will get 5% of Step Income of direct referral promoted as Leadership ID to suppert your downline.
    You will get this income on every Step completed by your Leadership ID.

Binary Income

    You will get Binary income as pair matches in under you in Left and Right side.
    You will get 5% of business matched under you per pair i.e. Rs.5/- per pair
    You are eligible for earning maximum 20 pair per day.
    Pair matching ration is 1:1 and power leg carried forward.

7 Step Income

    As soon as you have joined the company you have to enroll 2 direct referral within 72 hours in your downline. And intimate your downline for the same.
    As you compete all the level show in picture, you will be eligible for next auto Step round.
    This will be continued up to 7 step in auto process.
    You will receive income on completing every step as shown in below table.
    If you are failed to enroll 2 direct referral within 72 hours then your ID will be blocked by system.

Step Income
Step - 1 Rs.380/-
Step - 2 Rs.1,000/-
Step - 3 Rs.5,000/-
Step - 4 Rs.40,000/-
Step - 5 Rs.1,60,000/-
Step - 6 Rs.20,00,000/-
Step - 7 Rs.81,00,000/-